Below is only a guide and so please contact us with your opportunity.

  • We only invest in mainland UK.
  • We seek high rental returns and have recently purchased properties yielding 10% to 15%.
  • Our preference is lot sizes of sub £5million, however we may look at larger assets especially as we have the potential for bigger projects using joint venture partners.
  • We prefer good secondary retail parades with upper parts (or potential to build upper parts).
  • We also have a preference for multi let industrial estates.
  • We also like department stores or large town or city mixed use blocks.
  • We acquire freehold or long-leasehold investments.
  • We have significant experience and in-house expertise to manage messy management intensive properties – to generate the higher rental returns we pursue.
  • We can assist businesses to refinance through sale and leaseback.
  • We would look at distressed debt situations (instead of asset purchase) if the financing structure was simple i.e. no mezzanine financing etc.
  • If a company with property assets is not in administration but in financial difficulty we have experience in dealing directly with the management/ owners together with the lenders, to assist in resolving the financial issues.  This will usually be by our group purchasing the property directly and/ or providing additional equity to the company.
  • We also have an interest in opportunities to invest in or takeover trading companies’ when a significant amount of the value, in the entity, relates to property.